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Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
for the sec. we met with a senior deputy in the fbi, kevin perkins. >> we sat down, and we sort of got down to business, and ted said, "chairman leahy has asked me to hold an oversight hearing that will provide me with a public forum to explore, you knowjusthat you'reoing on this front of investigating wall street." well, that certainly got their attention. >> they started telling me about this great thing they had out in california, this web to catch the mortgage brokers who had given out the loans. and we made it clear to them, i made it clear to them, that absolutely positively i don't-- i'm not-- this is not about l.a. this is totally about what went on on wall street. that's what the bill says and that's what the emphasis is. >> we said, you know, "don't just come back here a couple of years from now and say, you know, 'look at all the small fry we nailed to the wall.' you know, we're talking about also iestigating senior-leve people at wall street firms, even at the board level." >> i think we might have been a little bit concerned at this meeting that the fbi wasn't necessar
Jan 31, 2013 9:00pm PST
luminaries: top conservative congressmeeric cantor, kevin mccarthy, paul ryan, senate power brokers jim demint, jon kyl, tom coburn, and event organizer frank luntz. >> the room was filled. it was a who's who of ranking members who had at one point been committee chairmen or in the majority, who now wondered, out loud, whether they were in the permanent minority >> the 44th president of these united states, barack obama. >> many of them had attended obama's inauguration. they had seen that breathtaking spectacle of a million and a half people on the mall. and it felt like a wholesale repudiation of the republican party. >> they walked into that dining room as depressed as i've seen any elected members of congress. they lost every senate seat they could lose. they lost all these house seats. the numbers were so great that they thought that they weren't coming back again, not for an election or two, but maybe a generationr two. >> narrator: as the night wore on, the talk turned to the future. >> three hours, some of the brightest minds in the republican party debated how to be relevant. >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2